The Liebster Award

In which I discuss my cheese-based aspirations and inspirations. Also, more time travel.

Thanks to Runnad for nominating me for the Liebster Award! If you haven’t followed her blog, check it out–she takes lots of great photos and tells the stories behind them.

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I guess my hair is sinful? and other thoughts while reading Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre. Just the name makes me feel like I’m on a windswept moor straggling toward a looming house in the distance. The moor is bare, except for a gnarled tree where ravens roost… just kidding. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in my literature classroom agonizing over an in-class essay. Turns out, the cold chill of the moor and the cold chill of having two minutes to finish my paper aren’t that different.

Anyway, here are 7 thoughts I had while reading Jane Eyre, that most wonderful and confusing of Gothic novels. WARNING: spoilers ahead!

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