The “What Do I Think About Art” Tag

In which Kana unwittingly opens the Pandora’s box of all my thoughts about art philosophy. I’m sorry. You did nothing to deserve this.

The “What Do I Think About Art” tag was created by My Mind Speaks Aloud. If you haven’t already checked out her blog, you should! She’s really thoughtful, and she posts about music a lot.

Huge thanks to Kana at The Halfhazard Wanderer for tagging me! I love her blog so much. Her stories are full of wit and humor, and she draws the cutest little pictures to go along with her posts. I was so excited to be tagged! This is my first tag on my blog, and my love for analyzing art is only rivaled by my love for analyzing sound devices in poetry.

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5 Things that Multicultural Kids Can Relate To

Is one of your parents from a different country than the rest of your family? Maybe both of your parents or your grandparents are from a different country. Welcome to the party, fellow multicultural kid! Whether you’re Korean, half-Greek, a missionary kid, or your heritage is so diverse that you’ve stopped keeping track, here’s 5 things that we can all relate to.

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