20 Questions Book Tag

Remember last Wednesday, when–uninvited and unannounced–I did the How I Choose My Books Tag? Well, I’m back this week with another book tag and a little more propriety, since Holly at Nut Free Nerd actually did tag me for this one. I love Holly’s blog–she reviews a wide variety of books, including classics (my favorite!) and talks about her adventures studying abroad at Oxford–so you should definitely give her a follow if you haven’t already!

Now then, to business.

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Thank You for 100 Followers!



When I started blogging, I went in with no idea if I’d ever get any followers. I couldn’t have guessed that so many amazing, supportive people would click the follow button! Not only that, but you guys leave the best comments. You give me way more “audience participation” than might be expected of a blog three times this size. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful blogging community I’ve found through Remnants of Wit!

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