The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

Today is July 31, and every Harry Potter fan knows that what means: it’s Harry’s birthday, and J.K. Rowling’s too! In honor of their special day, I’m going to do the Ultimate Harry Potter Tag. Steph over at Lost: Purple Quill did this tag a while ago, and that’s where I found it. Give her blog a read–her book reviews and tags are always great fun!

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Poetry Friday: “American Sonnet” by Billy Collins

When people tell me that they hate poetry, I recommend that they read Billy Collins. His work is accessible, fun, and light in tone–but often with hidden depths waiting for you to fall into.

Today, I’ll look at Collins’ “American Sonnet,” a whimsical take on modern conventions of expressing love.

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Movie Review: Dunkirk

The Miracle at Dunkirk is one of my favorite historical events. It never ceases to blow my mind how Churchill just got on the radio and asked civilians to bring their boats into a war zone–and they did. Thanks to the efforts of these civilians, over 300,000 men were rescued from Dunkirk, instead of the expected 30,000. It’s not called a miracle for nothing!

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